Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Lambda <P> Series

Direct drive New Dignity Λ(LAMBDA) series for new generation upgraded in whole.


Lambda series incorporate Gaede-type rotaryvane pumps.
This series pumps are direct-coupled oil-sealed rotary pumps using two-stage rotor compression.
The rotational speed for this type is higher than for belt-driven models, because motor rotation is transmitted directly to the pump.
We offer his new series, taking easy operation into consideration for customers.
In addition to renewal of fundamental performance such as pumping feature, driving noise, vibration on the basis of new idea for design, large oil level gauge, removable hatch, oil drain cock are adopted.

    P65D P100D P135D P165D
Pumping Speed L/min 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
65 80 100 120 135 160 165 200
Ultimate pressure Pa 6.7✕10-2 6.7✕10-2 6.7✕10-2 6.7✕10-2
Motor power W 200 400 400 400
Voltage 1φ 100V 1φ 100V 1φ 100V 1φ 100V
1φ 200V 1φ 200V 1φ 200V
Rated rotational speed min-1 1430 1720 1435 1735 1435 1735 1435 1735
Oil Capacity 1.5 1.8 2.0 2.0
Dimensions W 466 495 520 520
D 134 165 165 165
H 247 311 311 311
Inlet - NW25 NW25 NW25 NW25
Weight Kg 20 26 27 28
Oil mist trap Standard CT-D-100/OMT-D-100 CT-D-300 CT-D-300 CT-D-300
Directional OMT-C-100 CT-C-300 CT-C-300 CT-C-300

New device for easy using

Large oil level gauge
to watch easily
Oil drain valve
Removable hatch

Major Applications

[Physical and chemical apparatus industries] surface and mass analyzers, electron microscopes, pollution measuring instruments, research and development apparatuses.
[Electrical and electronic industries] fabrication equipment for electron tubes, CRTs, relays, substrates, semiconductors, and flat panels; degassing, baking, drying, deposition, sputtering, defoaming.
[Food industries] vacuum distillation, concentration, degassing, vacuum (freeze) drying, vacuum packaging.
[Chemicals and pharmaceuticals] oil distillation, fat, petroleum, and plasticizers; degassing, deodorization, dewatering, freeze drying of pharmaceuticals.
[Energy] degassing, drying, and impregnation of various electrical cells, such as manganese or lithium ion secondary cells.
[Optical industries] fabrication equipment for lenses, mirrors, and half-mirrors; coating, sputtering.
[Industrial machines] resin injection, forming, defoaming, impregnation, packing, backup pump for evacuation equipment (turbo, diffusion, mechanical booster).

Operating Precautions

Standard operating conditions
1. Kinds of suction gas: air or inert gas.
2. Suction gas temperature: 10 to 40℃
3. Ambient temperature: 10 to 40℃ /Humidity 75% or less

Please consult with us before using products under the following conditions.
1. Pumping corrosive or combustible gas; chemicals, solvent , powders, or water vapor.
2. Operating pressure of 1000Pa or higher.
3. Fluctuating vacuum and atmospheric pressure.

Periodically check pump oil for contamination and proper levels.
When turning off the pump, restore atmospheric pressure in the pump to prevent backflow.
A large amount of oil mist is generated in the pressure ranges between atmospheric pressure and approximately 133Pa. We recommend using an oil mist trap to prevent leakage.

Motor Specifications

Model Power supply Standard motor specifications Rated electric current value (A) Thermal rated value(A) Power supply connection  Special electric motor correspondence
Output (W) Enclosure types  50Hz 60Hz
P65D AC100V 1φ 200 Totally-enclosed fan-cooled type 5.1 4.5 Built-in (1)
P100D AC100V 1φ 400 Totally-enclosed fan-cooled type 6.5 5.9 Built-in (1)
AC200V 1φ 400 Totally-enclosed fan-cooled type 3.4 3 Built-in (2)
P135D AC100V 1φ 400 Totally-enclosed fan-cooled type 6.5 5.9 Built-in (1)
AC200V 1φ 400 Totally-enclosed fan-cooled type 3.4 3 Built-in (2)
P165D AC100V 1φ 400 Totally-enclosed fan-cooled type 6.5 5.9 Built-in (1)
AC200V 1φ 400 Totally-enclosed fan-cooled type 3.4 3 Built-in (2)

(1)Switch+Plug (2)Switch+Cord (3)Cord only (4)Terminal only