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Vacuum apparatus

Vacuum pumps
Oil cleaner
Oil changer
Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps USW/UST/TSW/TST/BSW/BST
Dry vacuum pumps MD/MZ
Water-ring vacuum pumps SB
Mechanical booster pumps MB
Oil diffusion pumps SDP
Vacuum gauges Pirani, Palmil, Capacitance, Ionization, Penning
Vacuum valves L Type, Pneumatic L Type, Gas introduction, Needle, Solenoid
Vacuum parts
and materials
Clamp joints, Flexible tubes,Traps,Oil mist traps, Air fllters,
Hermetic seals and fittings, Vacuum oil, Vacuum grease

Vacuum equipments

Vacuum drying
and baking
Vacuum drying oven, Vacuum baking equipment,
Clean drying equipment
Vacuum furnace Quenching furnaces, Sintering furnaces, Annealing furnaces
Vacuum injection Vacuum injection equipment, Liquid crystal injection equipment,

Vacuum molding equipment

Vacuum coater Vacuum coater equipment, Multi-layer film deposition equipment,

Sputtering equipment

Vacuum impregnation Single-vessel type, Double-vessel type (heating, non-heating),
Multi-vessel type equipment
Vacuum degassing Vacuum degassing equipment, Reactor vessels
Miscellaneous vacuum equipment Vacuum packaged pumping system, Ultra-high vacuum pumping system,
Wide-range vacuum thermostatic equipment, Space chambers,
Miscellaneous testing equipment